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We are delighted to introduce major upgrade of!Our team has analyzed the problems that our clients have had over the years and we have redesigned the Domain and Email services completely. These are some highlights of the new service :All email accounts have been upgraded to 1GB disk space minimum.Virus scanners and spam detection system have been installed on our mail servers.Adm...

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How To Grow Your Business With A Custom Domain Name
Users often ask if a custom domain name is a necessity for a business or group and the answer is always yes.A custom domain name (e.g.,, etc.) can provide you with more than just a vanity name, it increases name recognition, providing branding for your business or group once you pick a memorable domain name.  A good domain name that uses your busine...

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5 Reasons to Open an Online Store
When you sell on your own online store, built with Webpin, you’re in charge. You can set up store policies that suit you, you can customize your store to look the way you want it to—and you can make changes when you want, at your pace.Let’s explore five reasons you may want to venture to build your own online store.Reason No. 1: Set your own policiesWhen you open an online store, you’re th...

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5 Domain Names Picking Tips
Below are five tips and tricks which may prove useful when you’re buying a new domain name:1. Most of the general public tend to only recognise .com, .net and .org. It’s worth checking the Top-Level Domains (TLDs) you want are available before dedicating yourself to a brand name.2. Brainstorm domain names. Type a list. Keep in mind that the better the name the more likely it is to be taken.3. ...

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101: Part 2 - Domains
Please read Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101: Part 1 before proceeding, if you have not done so.Domain NamesEven though Webpin provides a free sub-domain, if you are serious about ranking in Google, you should get a Top Level Domain (TLD), such as a .com , .mx , .es , etc. You can search for domain availability right here at Webpin.Its easy to think that all the good domain names are taken. Su...

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