5 Domain Names Picking Tips

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in How to / Tips on 03 January 2013, 17:43
5 Domain Names Picking Tips
Below are five tips and tricks which may prove useful when you’re buying a new domain name:

1. Most of the general public tend to only recognise .com, .net and .org. It’s worth checking the Top-Level Domains (TLDs) you want are available before dedicating yourself to a brand name.

2. Brainstorm domain names. Type a list. Keep in mind that the better the name the more likely it is to be taken.

3. Avoid using dashes and numbers  in your domain name. (e.g. webpin.com versus web-pin.com).

4. If you want to target a local audience, it may well benefit you to purchase a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) in your own country. Something like .com.mx or .mx may be great for grabbing regional visitors in Mexico.

5. Remember that some ccTLD domains require you to be a resident of a certain country. If you don’t live there, you could forfeit the TLD as a violation of the registrar’s agreement.

If you are a  Webpin user,  you can check the availability of TLDs and ccTLDs inside the Control Panel of your Webpin website on Premium Options section.