How To Grow Your Business With A Custom Domain Name

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How To Grow Your Business With A Custom Domain Name
Users often ask if a custom domain name is a necessity for a business or group and the answer is always yes.

A custom domain name (e.g.,, etc.) can provide you with more than just a vanity name, it increases name recognition, providing branding for your business or group once you pick a memorable domain name.  
A good domain name that uses your business name is an important part of how to get your website found online and can help your site rise above your local competition.

Need more reasons why you should invest in a custom domain name?


A custom domain name that relates to your business makes it easier for customers to remember and find your website.  You do not want your customers to search for your website every time they need something. Why? Every online search increases the chances that your potential customers are going to get results and offers from your competitor as well; decreasing the odds that they will shop on your website. Why take that risk when you can purchase a low cost custom domain?


A custom domain name signals to potential clients that you are serious about your business and thought it was worth investing in your brand.  You never want potential customers to question whether or not your website is credible and if it’s safe. A custom domain name is one way to instill trustworthiness.


Another great reason to invest in a custom domain name is to get custom emails for your business. It can be very off-putting for a customer who has a question about your product or service to email you at A custom email address helps you to create a professional image and boost the credibility of your business. Additionally, a custom email address can help your business to appear bigger than what it really is. You can achieve this by creating a custom email addresses designated for various departments such as:,, and


If you plan to engage in email marketing, you will definitely want those emails to be delivered from a custom domain for customers to take you seriously.  If you are doing traditional marketing, it is a lot easier to use shorter URL’s on printed materials. You don’t want to be one of those small business owners who have a business card where your email address wraps around to a second line.

Overall, a custom domain is a small purchase with great importance that will go a long way towards memorability, credibility and increasing return on your various marketing efforts.

Establish your business’ brand with your own custom domain name, like, with