• Professional email accounts

  • Email is an important part of any business. It is the way you communicate with your clients and it is your business card, your image.

  • Setup your email now!

Why use professional emails?

Using a professional email account with your domain name has multiple advantages over using Free email services such as Hotmail and Gmail.

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By using an @*****.com.mx email address shows to your clients that you are serious about your business. It gives confidence to your clients.


Every time you send or respond an email your clients will see your domain name.


Having your employees use their personal email accounts which you do not have access to is a bad idea. With professional emails you have full control.


We offer full support on the email accounts hosted with us. Call us if you need help.


Free hosting services often discard emails sent to you without your permission (especially Hotmail), we will never delete an email that is sent to you.

How to get professional emails?

We offer 2 ways of obtaining email accounts for your company.

Pagina.mx Business email

$6 USD Starting from $6 USD / year / email account

  • Create email accounts with your own domain name.

  • Access your email accounts from the web or any device.

  • Select the disk space that you need, maybe you do not need a lot of space for your email account.

  • Keep full control over the email addresses of your employees.

  • An email solution much cheaper than G Suite, perfect if you only need email accounts.

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